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This is my book project. What happens to my book when I lend it to someone or take it to the charity shop? I don't know, but perhaps someone will tell me.

Book plates show ownership of a book from the past, but I don't want to own loads of books. My book plate looks to the future. Wouldn't it be great to know where the book has gone and what the next reader thought about it?

The books below have had my book plate printed on the inside cover and then been left at charity shops or lent to friends. Click on the cover image to see the book plate.

Reasons this might not work

There are a lot of reasons why this might not work: I don't get through many books; the charity shop might not like my book plate in the front of their books and choose not to sell them; the book might not prove popular and could sit on the shelf for ages without being sold; the book might never sell; the book could be pulped; the book could sell and the new owner could never notice the book plate; they could see it and assume it is an advert for a book shop; they could see it but not notice it is a website; the book plate page could have fallen out; they could see the website but choose to ignore or not consider the consequences; the website might have ceased to exist when they type it in; the internet could have ceased to exist; they could type it incorrectly; they might visit this website and choose not to comment. Thank you for overcoming these obstacles.

The Books

Seen a book?

Then email me. Include where you found the book and what you thought of it.

Book plate work in progress